Monday, 2 December 2013

We Explore A World Seen By Many Touched By Few

 Although seen as one of the most popular climbing destinations in America,   Yosemite resonates with the individual in completely different ways. Some go there to push the limits of human ability, some go there simply for the magnificent beauty that the park beholds. Me?

I want to go there to change. As cheesy as that sounds, I believe, like many others, that life is all about connection. To immerse and surround yourself with people who follow the same passions as you, that talk the talk you talk and walk the walk you walk. I want to be just another climber in Yosemite, yes. But from my perspective to immerse yourself into a culture you have blend in and become part of it.

My Name is Joshua Guyer, I am a student at the University Of Cumbria studying Outdoor Education, I am currently in my first year here and I  am situated in the Lake District. Couldn't be in a better place. Napes Needle, Pavey Ark and Ravens name just a few of the best climbing destinations in the UK. I am a student and part and parcel of that comes the lack of money and good sense. I have managed to acquire some basic kit with the money I arrived with, Some Cams, Wall Nuts, Touque Nuts, Slings, Quick draws, and the most recent purchase a haul bag. Which, added in with the beer money sits me at a Cosy £51.00. A small fortune for a student with the simple hope of staying alive until Christmas, but a Greek amount for a bloke who plans to fly to America and climb some of the biggest walls in the world. I receive £50 a week for food, I believe I can live off £30, so every week I will be saving £20. At flights sitting at about £600-£700 a pop I have a long way to go. But I am making progress with getting a job at a local climbing wall and Christmas will be over soon which will spread out the money..

As you can see money is going to be needed, but I am going to try to live off the bare minimum while in Yosemite, almost nothing, how long I stay there is a completely different question, and I'll sort that out when I get to it, but for now, I have Assessments to be getting on with.


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