Friday, 17 January 2014

Ambleside Wall

There has recently been a 7b put up at the wall, which I tried at the end of a hard session yesterday, I surprised myself, but yet still have a long way to go, I managed the first two moves and the next is somewhat of a guess at this time but if I had to say, I would think it would be a three finger crimp with little else to gain any kind of hold that my body will allow at the moment, but I plan to go tonight and try again afresh, our training starts on Monday with everything fully in position and planned for the rest of the term. The new Geshidos are perfect! managing pockets that I would only dream of in my last pair! More photos and Training routines to come! Keep blogging!


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back At Uni, Back To The Wall

Hello there! Long time no blogging, Will and I are back at university with a hard-core training plan laid out for ourselves, with the intention of climbing 7b+ in 6 months continually, a huge amount of cardio and strength and conditioning is in order! Spain and a few competitions being our motivation to work hard! Had a go on the wall today for the first time since leaving and I did better than I expected myself to do! Dogged my first few routes and finally finished on a high with a 6b under my belt. Was quite a shock to see how far I am going to push myself over the next few months but hopefully with the motivation and the determination we should be able to do it without to many qualms. Also found out that Ambleside wall are hosting a comp on the 24th of Feb which should be a  good place to gauge my performance when I am pushing myself, I am a bit nervous about the competition world, I like to be able to really focus on the climb at hand but I know myself and the pressure and excitement of a competition could really put me off, but you never know until you try! Also getting some new climbing boots tomorrow, the Geshido Evolv's which I tried on today and I have never felt better in a pair of rock boots before. Anyway over and out and hope to be in better climbing shape soon!! Keep blogging.