Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Mind Game

(Not A picture of me)
The Mind, well you’ve heard it all your life, is a powerful thing. It can do almost anything, it controls you, it is you and you know no better of it. To think is to use it, to breathe is to use it, it is in a constant state of running emotion. I believe this to be the reason I, like others, look to literally ‘feel’ our mind. I suppose you could say the ‘rush’, but it is more than that. I feel this in a moment of complete exposure. I  don’t have a ,choice, my mind can’t take me that way, I have no happy, sad or angry emotion, my mind can’t take me that way, in fact the only two thoughts coursing through my mind is filling the space under my feet. Up. And how far down? Combine these two thoughts and you have the feeling that we all search for, the moment we hate and love at the same time. That balance. Its the fine line, the uncertainty of the balanced moment that makes it. You can’t explain it, and if you can you haven’t found it yet.

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