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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Update On Christmas Boulder

The Christmas Boulder has been somewhat cleaned and slightly chipped for realistic handholds...still grading it 7b+,I have managed to connect the second and third move but the holds are so crimpy that my balance and strength has to be just perfect! I am training hard, its a good incentive, this boulder (Buildering) project is hard enough to last me the whole holidays, and keep my fingers strong and my balance improving! I have set up The Haul Bag Training Set, which involves this:

Put 5kg into a Haul/Dry Bag

Finger Lifts x25(using your fingers and elbow extension only,  lift the haul bag)

 Finger Straight Arm Lifts x15 (Elbows stationary lift your forearms up from a 90 degree angle, to your chin resting on fingers)

Finger Holds x2.00min (Hold Haul bag for 30sec on two fingers on each hand alternatively)

Haul Bag Hold (feet) 1.00min (crunch position, hold bag aloft with feet, back off the ground and hands by your side)

Push Ups x2-25s

This was a simple training routine hoping to keep me in shape and strengthen both core and finger strength ready for my return to the lakes. Keep you posted!





 (A picture not really showing you the climb very well, but it gives you an idea)