Monday, 2 December 2013

Careful Deliberation

This being a dream of self immersion in to the climbing world, I have to face one of climbing's biggest heart stopper. Soloing has always been a great interest of mine. Its not so much how the individual climbs the said route solo but what he/she is thinking.  Soloing is one of those few things in life where your next move, next decision is so carefully thought about. When its you, and you alone who can choose the pace and placement without words stifling your mind, its the simplest idea, fraught with so many possibilities, with a singular thought pattern that hangs over the rest. Will I Fall? Don't Fall, Fall And Die. That is why I believe the soloer has not just a different frame of mind but a different way of life. It's all about perception, you fall from 13 meters you die. You fall from 800 meters you die, thinking. That's where the human line sits, the one we each for as certified thrill seekers are looking for. Its just in this line of work, its clearer to see. They have no backup no parachute, no slings and ropes. Having that frame of mind where there may be even just be a 0.01% of safe, changes the pitch of the seesaw to almost tipping point.  There is no place for ego's up  here, ego may of got you there, but it won't get you out. I am even going to say all human emotion leaves you. Showing it or giving it. The face shows nothing but the path up. Your Face shows nothing but deep thought and careful deliberation.

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