Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Well hello there! I am back again! And almost back from Switzerland! Yes, I have spent the summer on Swiss summer camp, as an Activity Leader, running rock climbing sessions, MTB, Glacier trips, Ghy
L Scrambling and the such for children aged, 7-17. This summer has been full of your cliche moments and stunning views, but it has also been one of significant change. Not only have I learned how to teach children in adventure sports, but have learned social lessons, and of course a whole new range of climbing skills and mind sets. I have been lucky to of worked with Ian Johnson, who is MIA, mountain Rescue and Ex Firefighter. Who has made it his job to increase our climbing skills, and rope work. I have been lucky to climb in Servos, Doranaz and the mighty Chamonix. All under the eye of Ian. Since being here, I have discovered the wonder that is pristine sport climbing, with those glinting bolts leading the way up many routes. I have also been taking advantage of the SPA trained fellow team mates, who have us around Switzerland for some amazing days on the crag. Rope work, has been a pinnacle point of change in my climbing, since being here, I have well and truly learnt what is needed for my SPA. Getting one day a week off, does not give enough time to head out on large climbing adventures, and the weather has been past dismal, bordering on Scottish, and the amount of quality days on the rock has been sadly limited, yet I have taken the opportunity to learn some alpine rope work, and techniques. Such as stomp belays, T belays, Cravasse rescues and basic assisted hoists, and problem solving on the crag and hill. Grade wise, there has not been a significant improvement, but there has been some, with the climbing differing massively to that of U.K trad climbing. I will report more when I return to the U.K, until then here are a few photos from my travels to Chamonix.