Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Yosemite, Christmas Boulder

The world has gone vertical! Two Amazing lines in the one week? First Pete, Now Tommy? Very different I know, but all in all a fantastic week for the climbing world! Still the Christmas Boulder sits without a first ascent, it was the first day without an attempt today, due to my lack of cash I have been needing the work hours, I got my training in though, and of course my perusing of many climbing articles and books, I have been looking at some gear for Yosemite, and I posted a question on Portaledge advice on UKC, got a huge response and there seems to be a few ledges, both affordable and of course  robust. Fish seem to do the lot! From, the Econoledge which sits at £299 (with fly) to the Double Whammy at £926, this seems to be the better bet with a larger amount of people giving this a good response. Quite a few people said that they got their ledge posted to the Yosemite Post Office along with a lot of their gear, which seems like a fantastic idea, to cut luggage and the hassle of getting the gear two ways across the world! I also looked at the BD double and the North Face A1, and at the moment I have to say that the fish gear looks to be the best contender..But who am I to say? Blog soon!



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