Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crazy bastards!

My name is Will Lord, and like joss I'm also in my first year at Cumbria. I've been dragged up climbing walls since an early age but it wasn't until about two years ago when I really started to appreciate it. I come from Derby so the whole of Derbyshire grit is on my doorstep, so I've been spoiled!! Climbing in the lakes therefore is a totally different prospect and it takes some getting used to. But the lakes has also been a second home right from the start; pretty much every family holiday was spent in the Langdales so coming to live up here is heaven.

I've spent 7 years within the air cadets with the prospects of joining the RAF or the army but still undecided. Through a leadership course with the cadets I was lucky enough to go to Everest base camp which was a dream come true! Seeing these awesome mountains has sparked this bug of wanting to climb the world. The thought of travelling the world to pursue something I love is unreal, and the majority of the time I find myself in the middle of uni lectures just daydreaming about the next purchase of gear or hanging off big cliff faces!

I was lucky enough to see Chris Bonnington at a talk in Sheffield about 10 years ago. At the talk was a small video about Yosemite, where I first saw a picture of El Capitan! Since then it's been a fascination of mine. It seems such an epic adventure and the climbing looks insane! What makes it even better is that any sane person would think people like us are out of our minds, and we probably are to be honest!

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