Thursday, 6 March 2014

Big Walls, Big Job

Haven't written for a very..long time and I am not going to lie, I have been lazy. Well lazy pretty much sums up my planning preps at the moment. But I had a sudden boost of motivation today. I am off tomorrow to my Camp Suisse selection day, and if I pass I will have a job over summer, next to some of the most stunning climbs in the world! My main aims for the money saved up from the summer job is to (obviously) see about buying big wall gear and save for the money needed for flights, food etc. I am hopefully undertaking my SPA (Single Pitch Award) training this may and then after that heading to North Wales to complete a two day course in big wall climbing, if I can get the money together of course (got to love being a student). Of course I have a hell of a lot of course work to be getting on with, but if I keep chipping away it should be just fine. I have been climbing at Stanage Edge (Peak District U.K) and got a few solid classic routes in, Flying Butteress being one of them. I have been trying to go to the wall, both in Ambleside and Kendal, to keep me in shape, with Andy and I trying a strange Multi Pitch route at Kendal wall, more of that to come. Keep you posted more often now, I promise!


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